3D Print Conference. Baku: results of the first Baku conference on 3D printing

February 12 in Baku was a truly unique day: Azerbaijani capital hosted the first conference dedicated to revolutionary invention of 3D printing - 3D Print Conference. Baku.

Beautiful city located on the coast of the Caspian Sea welcomed international team of participants of the conference and demo zone that during the meeting provided answers to all the questions about 3D technology.

 Smile Expo, organizer of specialized event, holds specialized exhibitions and conferences internationally. The largest exhibition of 3D printing and scanning in the CIS and Eastern Europe - 3D Print Expo is among them.

"After the events we organized in Moscow,Kiev and Almaty, there was a clear understanding that our next business meeting should be held in Baku. In Azerbaijan, the market of 3D technology is just beginning to develop, but the country has all necessary resources and huge potential to become one of the leaders in additive technology", conference organizers told reporters.

On this day a large community of people interested in innovative technologies gathered in conference hall of Park Inn By Radisson Hotel. According to the registration committee, the conference was attended by about 400 guests, including businessmen, investors, government representatives, researchers, developers, students and others.

3D Project (Azerbaijan) became Diamond sponsor of 3D Print Conference. Baku

3D Print Conference. Baku attracted much public and media attention, proving that interest in events presenting new technologies in Azerbaijan is high enough.

Baku conference program consisted of presentations and workshops. Experts told about the present and future of 3D technology, investments in the industry,  and about topical areas of application of three-dimensional printing and scanning.

The event presented 11 exclusive reports, and at demo zone 7 leading companies presented their 3D printers and 3D scanners, demonstrating their operation.

So, at 3D Print Conference. Baku one could hear the reports of the speakers:

  • Anton Vedeshin (Secured3D Development, USA);

  • Alla Aspidova (Consistent Software Distribution, Russia);


  • Dmitriy Postelnik (Autodesk, Russia);

  • Furqan Bakir (3Dörtgen, Turkey);

  • Tatiana Shagova (PICASO 3D, Russia);

  • Farhad Amirbekov (Baku Interbank Currency Exchange, Azerbaijan);

  • Emil Gasanly (3D PROJECT, Azerbaijan);

  • Alexander Sosnovskih (Lenincraft, Russia);

  • Rauf Ismailov (NAZ Group, Azerbaijan).

Participants of demo zone were well-known manufacturers and suppliers of 3D hardware from Russia and Azerbaijan: 3D Project, NAZ Group, Consistent Software Distribution, Lenincraft, 3Doodler, Inter-Technics, PICASO 3D and Cybercom.

Conference was notable for informative reports, and as a result of this visitors got comprehensive information about all processes related to industry of 3D printing and scanning.

Students were actively interested in 3D technology usage in educational process, making money on 3D printing, and in advantages of additive technologies over the traditional methods of production.

"I am a regular participant of events organized by Smile Expo and dedicated to 3D related topics. Today, the organizers have once again demonstrated that they really hold their events at the highest level; they are constantly developing and perfecting. And the conference in Baku is a direct proof. I see that the audience is interested in this subject, and speakers, in their turn, try to present their performances in usual way and use original props (eg, barrels of oil). I really liked the reports of Azerbaijani specialists, as they analyzed local infrastructure. I believe that this country has a great potential in the industry of 3D technology", Anton Vedeshin, Secured3D Development, USA, one of the speakers at the conference, said.

It may safely be said that on this day Smile-Expo lit another light on its 3D map - beautiful city of Baku, which we are sure will continue its way on the path of innovative technologies implementation.

Team of organizers thanks everybody for participation and for the fact that with us you have become part of this momentous event. We invite you to our next event - the second industry conference 3D Print Conference. Almaty to be held on 16 April 2015.

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See you soon!